Our Team

With over 100 collective years experience, Sinclair Recreation is proud to serve as GameTime playground equipment's exclusive representative in Indiana and Michigan.

Diane Sinclair profile
Diane Sinclair
President and Bid Estimator
Richard Sinclair profile
Richard Sinclair
Vice President and Northern Michigan Sales Associate
Matt Campanella profile
Matt Campanella
Eastern Michigan Sales Associate
Jeff Branham profile
Jeff Branham
Southern/Central Indiana Sales Associate
Southern/Central Indiana
(317) 297-6554 jeff@sinclair-rec.com
Jeremy Bosman profile
Jeremy Bosman
Western Michigan Sales Associate
Teresa Huxhold profile
Teresa Huxhold
Alison Wiegerink profile
Alison Wiegerink
Order Manager
Scott Bareman profile
Scott Bareman
CAD Design, Pricing and Customer Service
Morgan Roman profile
Morgan Roman
Office Administrative Assistant
Jamie Lehman profile
Jamie Lehman
Project Manager
Chad Baker profile
Chad Baker
Play Builder | Crew Leader
Thomas Sinclair profile
Thomas Sinclair
Play Builder | Spinning Enthusiast
Noah Macomber profile
Noah Macomber
Play Builder | Climbing Connoisseur
Camden Stahl profile
Camden Stahl
Play Builder | Brachiating Buff
Jackson Sinclair profile
Jackson Sinclair
Play Builder | Parkour Pro