Safety Surfacing

Choose the right safety surfacing for your playground. With a different options that fit various budgets we are here to ensure the safety of your play area, big or small.

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)  - Ewf 504 1547654359

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. However, it will require ongoing raking and occasional topping off during its lifetime due to compaction and decomposition. This maintenance will help ensure the correct material depth for compliance with safety and accessibility standards.

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Poured-In-Place (PIP) - Surfacing 190116 110541 505 1547654779

Poured-In-Place (PIP)

Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is one of the best surfaces for ADA accessibility. A wide range of colors allows you to add an element of graphic fun to the playground by creating inlaid shapes and themed designs.

PIP utilizes trained and certified installation crews to produce a surface that is attractive and durable. Although PIP carries one of the highest initial investment costs, it is often offset by lower maintenance costs over the life of the product.

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Recycled Loose Fill Rubber - Loose Fill Rubber 506 1547654745

Recycled Loose Fill Rubber

Made from 100% clean, recycled tire material, these resilient rubber chunks offer the best impact absorbing properties of all loose fill surfaces. It is unique among loose fill surfaces because of the color choices available. Despite the higher initial investment, Recycled Loose Fill Rubber can be more economical than Engineered Wood Fiber since it doesn't decompose, requiring fewer top-offs. GT Impax Loose Fill Rubber drains well after a rain and will not attract insects or animals.

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Aveer Tile - Glamour2 Aveer 512 1548784661

Aveer Tile

Aveer’s interlocking tile system has been designed with a super high-density and abrasion-resistant top layer that is virtually indestructible.

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