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We're your playground equipment and outdoor fitness experts located in Michigan and Indiana.

We offer GameTime playground equipment. Why does that matter? Because since 1929, GameTime has been a pioneer in the commercial playground equipment industry. They offered the first commercially available inclusive playgrounds and were leaders in the advent of custom, themed playgrounds. All of GameTime's playgrounds, activities, site furnishings and amenities are constructed from the highest quality materials and are backed by the industry’s best warranty and customer service. We work with GameTime to help parks, schools, early learning centers and other organizations enrich childhood through play.

Sinclair Recreation cares. We care about your community, your design, your space. We want to design something awesome and provide the kids in your community endless hours of fun. The fact that we work with GameTime playground equipment just helps our jobs become a little bit easier.


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Play Systems

GameTime's playground designers have created play structures in all shapes and sizes. You can find the right playground for any site in our vast selection of play systems, appealing to kids of all ages and abilities.

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Swings - Swings Header 96 1520265087


Playground swings are a playground staple, and GameTime offers a wide variety of swings kids are sure to enjoy for years to come.

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Slides - F5 Spiral Slide Ps16001 95 1503890438


What kind of playground slide are you looking for? A winding spiral slide, or a sleek, fast zip slide? A metal slide, or a plastic slide? GameTime offers a wide variety of playground slides.

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Nets - Nets 93 1503890050


Don't forget to add nets to your play space and add hours of entertainment.

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Merry Go Round/Whirls - 5055 Merry Go All 5 90 1520265068

Merry Go Round/Whirls

Kids love the exciting sensation of motion on playgrounds with a merry go round or whirl.

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Motion & Spinning - Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 28447546081 O 91 1520265074

Motion & Spinning

Kids will love your playground for years if you add motion play equipment like GameTime's Xcelerator or spinning leaf seats.

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Music & Sound - Bongos Ps16001 92 1503890043

Music & Sound

Music and sound add inclusive elements to your play structure so kids can enjoy auditory play.

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Climbers - Climber Ionix 88 1503888026


Help kids keep active and grow muscles and coordination through GameTime's climbing play equipment, which comes in all shapes and sizes -- from rock climbing walls to DNA climbers to net climbers.

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Zip Lines - Sky Run Zip Line 97 1503890450

Zip Lines

Add a zip line to your playground, and create an epic adventure.

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Balancing - Balance Beam Picture 86 1520265056


Balancing elements add fun elements to the playground. GameTime has tons of balancing playground equipment besides the standard balance beam for kids.

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Crawl Tubes - Crawl Tube Girl 3040 1467924509 89 1520265064

Crawl Tubes

Add some crawl tubes to create elements of exploration and imagination in any playground.

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Play Houses - 36059 Nature Discovery Play House 007 94 1520265081

Play Houses

Any play structure that includes a play house is a great way to incorporate imaginative play into your playground.

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